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WARNING: Coiltek Metal Detecting Coils are considered some of the best coils ever made and as such, they are often counterfeited. Please read our "Counterfeit Warning" and always insure you are buying from an "Authorized" Coiltek Metal Detector Coil Dealer.

Coiltek Metal Detector Coils Discriptions

Coiltek is an Australian owned company that make a broad range of detector searchcoils and accessories for Minelab metal detectors. Coiltek has been manufacturing metal detector accessories and coils for over 15 years and with the recent name change (formerly ‘Coiltek’) and new logo, they are providing an exciting outlook with new innovating products and outstanding capabilities in the detection field. Coiltek makes searchcoils and accessories for not only the Minelab Pulse Induction series, but many of the coin/relic and underwater metal detectors also. Many of the new Coiltek searchcoils are also complete waterproof, unlike any searchcoils on the market today!

When Coiltek introduced some of their first Coiltek metal detector coils for the early SD series (back in the early 90's), thousands of ounce of gold were being recovered on previously worked goldfields. Since then these searchcoils and accessories are continually helping prospecting find more of those elusive gold nuggets.

"All Coiltek metal detector coils are Quality manufactured and have a 2-year Factory Warranty from date of purchase."

Coiltek Metal Detector Coils DD BenfitsThe benefit of using a DD coil is that it is quieter and handles ground mineralization better. It also facilitates the use of your discrimination feature on your SD2200 or GP. The penetration profile of a DD coil is such that you do not need to overlap your swings as much. But it does not go as deep as a Mono Coil of equal size, it is not as sensitive to small gold as a mono coil, and it is harder to pinpoint with. In most areas of placer gold in the Untied States, a mono coil will handle the mineralization without too much noise.

Coiltek Metal Detector Coils Mono BenifitsThe benefit of using a Mono coil is that it goes deeper than a DD coil of an equal size. However, Mono coils can be somewhat noisier in heavily mineralized ground and they will not allow your machine to use it's discrimination abilities. It is best used in the "all metal" mode.

A Mono coil is more sensitive to small gold and is easier to pinpoint with. Most seasoned prospectors in the United States prefer mono coils over DD's.

We here at Golden Road Enterprises are here to help and answer your questions. If you should have any questions about Coiltek metal detector coiuls, please give us a call at 1-877-653-8732. We desire that you get the right Coiltek metal detector coils to fit your treasure hunting needs. Good luck and happy hunting my friends. Jim C. Crain, Golden Road Enterprises


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